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Ministries: Ministries

(Men's Ministry)

Creating acCOUNTability and hope!

Our desire is to develop a community of men dedicated to cultivating real relationships and spiritual maturity. Our aim is to be men of strong character and integrity who serve and support one another with intentional kingdom action and inclusive kingdom attitude. Our pledge is to use our time, energy and resources to contact and meet the needs of men in the church and the wider community.


Join the House of Hope men's ministry every 1st and 3rd Tuesday evening at 6:30pm!

Youth Ministry

At House of Hope Outreach Ministry, we offer congregants of all ages a chance to give back by joining our wide range of ministries. Our Youth allows current members or newcomers to be involved with our ongoing mission of spreading the teachings of Jesus Christ to our ever-growing community. Giving back is ingrained into our philosophy and it’s at the root of our very being.

Meet our FIYAH youth ministry each 1st and 3rd Friday at 6:00pm. 


(Women's Ministry)

Teaching and encouraging women to love God, themselves and others. Sharing times together to encourage and strengthen one another in applying the ways of God in our unique roles as women. This ministry provides women with a platform to share real-life challenges and spiritual solutions; uncovering unhealed hurts, unfinished business and seeds of unforgiveness. This is truly a ministry of healing past hurts and pains and, yet giving hope for a happy, joyous and free life through Jesus Christ.

Come and fellowship with us, Sistah2Sistah,
every 2nd  and 4th  Thursdays at 6:30pm. 


Threads of Hope
(Clothing Ministry)

Our clothing ministry is more than a way to clothe people, it is a way to share the loving concern of God’s people for others and to share Jesus Christ’s love with a lost and needy world.

We seek to care for others in a non-judgmental environment by providing clean, gently used clothing with an open heart so that others may see Christ through us.

Our clothes closet is open every Tuesday and Thursday from 9:30am-1:30pm. We are also available each 1st and 3rd Saturday from 10am-2:00pm.

Fresh Start
(Transitional Living)

Fresh Start is our 501c3 re-entry and recovery program, designed to assist previously-incarcerated males with a successful transition back to the community after they are released. This ministry provides housing, spiritual counseling, financial coaching, clothing and skill sets to secure employment.

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